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Oil refinery plant in the evening

Fuels Projects

At Denali Engineers, we have comprehensive experience in fuels. From designing robust electrical power systems for natural gas processing plants to overseeing intricate tank inspections and repairs, our expertise spans the spectrum. We're trusted partners in optimizing operational parameters, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and delivering top-notch construction engineering solutions for a variety of fuel-related installations, including military bases and refineries.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Access Midstream, Bucking Horse Refrigeration Plant

Douglas, WY

Led the electrical power system design for a natural gas processing facility at Access Midstream, featuring 7000 hp electric-driven compressors and pumps, four medium voltage VFD systems for motor startups, an 8 MW temporary power plant, power factor correction, 5 kV switchgear with protective relays, and Ethernet-based motor control to maintain arc flash hazard below 8 cal/cm².

Tumbleweed Midstream, Ladder Creek Plant

Cheyenne Wells, CO

Consulting Engineer for Tumbleweed Midstream on electrical system issues such as relay problems, large induction motors, and generators, focusing on troubleshooting, optimizing operational parameters, reprogramming protective relays and starters, and specifying new motor parameters.

Fixing Electricity Lines
Image by KOKESHI

Surge Tank Inspection, Design and Repair

Joint Base Pearl Harbor, HI

Project Engineer for a this multi-year project involving scaffolding, tank engineering, electrical installation, fuel tank inspection, cleaning, and mechanical/piping work. Oversaw contracts, submittals, and subcontractor change orders.

Phillips 66

Engineered repairs for refinery facilities, focusing on API 653 tank repair, and the replacement of piping and equipment.

Oil refinery plant in the evening
Airfield Design

Naval Air Station Lemoore


Provided construction engineering support for a new fuel system to improve airfield operations.

Coffeyville Resources

Various Sites

Conducted decommissioning studies for several oil storage and pumping stations across Nebraska and Kansas.

Image by Hans Eiskonen

Recurring Maintenance Minor Repair (RMMR)

Various Sites

Pipe work check

Managed engineering and project execution for pumps, piping, and fittings, adhering to UFC and UFGS standards, developing work procedures, and preparing cost estimates for repairs.

  • Eglin Air Force Base, FL - Supplied a temporary refueling system complete with engineered tank supports in response to hurricane destruction.

  • Tyndall Air Force Base, FL – Supported engineering, procurement, and installation of a new fume hood for the fuel lab, along with managing contracts for rebuilding security features post-Hurricane Michael.

  • NAS Jacksonville, FL – Engineered fuel pump house piping upgrades and managed tank repair and cleaning contracts.

  • Anderson Air Force Base, Guam – Supported the design review and procurement of a new refueling pantograph system.

Construction Inspections 7-Eleven

Various Locations, CO

Conducted comprehensive inspections for new gas stations, including Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), venting systems, sumps, dispensers, electrical systems, and building safety features, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and safety protocol.

Car Fuel
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