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Nuclear power station

Nuclear Projects

We have comprehensive capabilities in nuclear energy, spanning from custom remote-operated equipment for decommissioning and waste sorting, to designing gloveboxes for processing nuclear waste. Our experience includes designing DOT compliant waste containers for cleanup projects, developing advanced robotic systems, and producing engineering studies for theoretical fusion power plants.


CNL Whiteshell Nuclear Lab
Manitoba, CA

Engineer of record for custom remote-operated equipment to remove, analyze, and sort nuclear waste depending on radioactivity. Oversaw equipment engineers, controls and electrical. Managed the radiation detector vendor for custom equipment to analyze waste radioactivity. Coordinated and reviewed fabricator detailed design. Reviewed and coordinated FEA calculations performed with ANSYS.

LANL Glovebox Design
Los Alamos, NM

Provided design services for a glovebox fabricator including internal components and features to process nuclear waste in 55-gallon drums and repackage. Performed ventilation system design as well as foundation and structural steel platform.

Image by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Image by Scott Graham

Y12 Waste Container Design
Oak Ridge, TN

Performed design of DOT compliant waste containers for the Y12 decommissioning and cleanup project. Generated models in SolidWorks and performed FEA to ensure compliance with site specifications and standards.

Fukushima Daiichi
Fukushima, JP

Developed advanced robotic systems to facilitate the remote cleanup of nuclear waste material resulting from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. The robotic assemblies were designed to operate in highly irradiated areas within the plant, facilitating the nuclear waste disposal efforts without endangering the safety of personnel.

Image by William Daigneault
Image by Mick Truyts

Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Engineering Study

Analyzed a theoretical fusion power plant for new fusion reactor technology. Provided conceptual power plant designs, heat balance calculations, process flow diagrams, cost estimates, and a feasibility report.

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