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Solar Panels on Factory Building

MEP Projects

Denali Engineers excels in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) projects, ranging from redesigning HVAC systems to supporting manufacturing facility expansions. Our expertise extends to overseeing HVAC upgrades, proposing energy-efficient solutions for heat recovery systems, and designing custom dust collection systems for industrial applications.

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911 Dispatch and Coroner's Office
Arapahoe County, CO

Contracted under MATOC program to oversee upgrades to building HVAC systems by replacing three rooftop units (RTUs). Our role involves selecting and installing new energy-efficient and variable flow RTUs at the Sheriff’s Office. Denali provided design support, consultation services, and construction administration to the county.

VKH HVAC Project
Arnold Engineering Development Complex (DOD Testing Facility)

Provided redesign and construction oversite to replace a defunct hi-bay HVAC system. Installed new exterior ductwork system and upsized outdoor units for updated air distribution system. Managed craft labor including asbestos abatement, concrete work, electrical installer, controls programmer, equipment setting, new ductwork, and supports.

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Supported the upsizing of mechanical systems for custom LACT & PW enclosure upgrades. This effort included heating and cooling load analysis to accurately size new HVAC equipment. The site is in remote North Dakota and requires robust freeze protection to prevent production disruption.

Altura Plaza Upgrades
Arapahoe County, CO

Commissioned by Arapahoe County to analyze the Altura Plaza building's exhaust heat recovery system and propose new solutions. Denali proposed unique solutions to enhance performance and reduce energy costs by recycling waste heat. Our design was well received by the county and includes upgrades to the main makeup air unit, covering mechanical, electrical, and structural aspects.

Torch Building and Dust Collection System

Torch Building and Dust Collection System

RMR Torch Building_edited.jpg

Responsible for mechanical and structural design of a rail mounted building used for manually torching oversized materials to be sized and shipped offsite for recycling. Custom duct and building design, incorporating a 60,000 CFM dust collection system to capture hazardous vapors. System includes custom-fabricated ductwork, engineered to withstand high vacuum forces and AISC loading. Metal building and mechanical system is engineered to move between two sealed duct connections. The control system was carefully designed to automate as much as possible for safe and efficient operation.

Xcel Comanche U3
Pueblo, CO

Calculated fan requirements for cooling industrial power plant equipment in unconditioned external buildings zones including chemical feed buildings, sootblower building, and fly ash building. A heat load analysis was performed on networks of large machines.

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