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Car Factory

Manufacturing Facility Projects

Denali's experience in manufacturing facilities includes custom equipment design, structural and mechanical upgrades, and process design. Our expertise ranges from projects supporting facility expansions to designing custom manufacturing processes, complete with detailed layouts, renderings, and operational manuals for our clients.

Electric Car Charger

EV Manufacturer
Austin, TX

Mechanical and Process Projects to Support Manufacturing Facility Expansion. Efforts included engineering, equipment selection, 3D modeling, piping, supports, valves and instrumentation and controls. Systems included dry mechanical, hydronics, and plumbing. Equipment included AHU’s, DOAS, industrial dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, dust collection, heat exchangers, FCU’s, boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. Special consideration was given to stringent cleanliness, humidity, temperature, and pressure requirements for manufacturing.

RBW Recycling Plant

Denali provided process design services for a custom manufacturing process that recycles plastic beads into construction materials. Provided manufacturing layouts, 3D renderings, calculations, and an O&M manual to deliver to government client for funding.

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