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Water Treatment Projects

Our water treatment projects include integrating water treatment systems into existing facilities. They involve skid-mounted water treatment systems to include cartridge filters, multi- media filters, carbon filters, reverse osmosis, chemical storage and feed, pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation, automation, and controls. As with most of our projects, we provide a fully integrated solution including mechanical, plumbing, structural, electrical and controls.

Water Treatment_AGP.png

AGP Glass Manufacturing Plant
Monterrey, MX

Designed a 105-GPM demineralized water treatment system to support glass manufacturing. Performed equipment layout of multiple storage tanks, forwarding pumps, cartridge filters, 2-stage RO, chemical storage and feed, electronic deionization and UV. Performed piping and valve layout and incorporated electrical and controls.

Fruition Water Treatment Plant
Near Greeley, CO

Designed a new water treatment plant for a new 4,000 home community. The plant was designed to scale in size as the community grows, starting at .7 MGD capacity and ending up at a 3 MGD of clean water production. The system uses automatic backwash filters, cartridge filters, Reverse Osmosis filtration, clearwell disinfection, and 1M gallon water tower. Denali advised clients on alternative design approaches to value engineer the plant and prevent system upsets.

Building a House
Image by Kilian Karger

Welsbach Radioactive Wastewater Treatment Plant
Gloucester City, NJ

Led the mechanical design efforts of a ~30,000 square foot radioactive wastewater treatment facility for EPA client. Sized, specified, and selected all centrifugal, AOD, sump, and dosing pumps. Produced specifications and bid documents for all major plant features including metal building, 200,000-gallon water storage tank, frac tanks, clarifiers, greensand filters, GAC vessels, Ion Exchangers, and a central backwash system. Facilitated the procurement of all major equipment and trades by coordinating with disciplines and advising bid selection.

PFAS Groundwater Remediation System
Wurtsmith AFB, MI

Replaced previous failing vessel designs with new water treatment equipment for this environmental cleanup for DoD client. Analyzed pressure and flow characteristics for 16 well water pumping systems and 9 infiltration galleries. Utilized flow modeling software to layout the piping network and size all equipment. Provided mechanical/process engineering design and construction administration. Managed and supported subcontractors to rapidly resolve any issues or changes in the field.

Water Tanks
Gas Plant

EOG Resources
Gillette, WY

Designed a custom skid mounted 4.2-GPM water treatment system for an O&G facility. Incorporated multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis with anti-scalant, forwarding pump, mixed bed resin, UV, cartridge filter, storage tanks and associated piping, valves, electrical and controls.

TTM Manufacturing Facility
Littleton, CO

Designed a 55-GPM demineralized water treatment system to support an electronics manufacturing facility. Performed equipment layout, specified tanks, forwarding pumps, cartridge filters, 1-stage RO, chemical storage and feed, mixed bed resin and UV. Designed piping and valve layout as well as electrical and controls.

Image by ThisisEngineering
Image by Justus Menke

Chicago Botanic Garden Pumphouse Upgrades
Chicago, IL

Led design retrofits to install automatic backwash filters at 3 pump houses that provide irrigation water and support HVAC cooling. Our efforts included researching biological remediation technologies, designing construction plans, performing effectiveness calculations, and providing a comprehensive cost estimate, ensuring cost-efficient solutions.

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